Spending less for doctor consultation

People are facing a hard time to consult the doctor for their health issue at that time. In which people have to travel in heavy traffic for a long distance to meet the doctor and get a doctor consultation.

Then people want to wait for the doctor in the queue for long hours. Even after facing these problems, one could not meet the prime doctor. And have to wait for weeks to get an appointment from the expert doctors.

Today people are getting only less time with doctors to consult due to overcrowding in hospitals. According to the global study, doctor consulting time is less than 2-3 minutes in India.

The Outpatient Department (OPDs) consult doctors two to three patients at one time in public hospitals. Because of this, the quality of the patient’s care was compromised. Hospitals are getting more money for the treatment from the people.

Even for the minor health issue, some doctors advise getting the test for the whole body, urine test, blood test, MRI, etc. People are spending a lot of money on health. But couldn’t get the right solution for their health problems.

Did people overcome this problem and get the best solution for their health and spending less amount on doctor consultation?. Not exactly.

Doctor consultation @100 :

People can pay less starting from Rs.100 for online consultation with the doctor by using our mobile app called Second Opinion. You can chat with expert prime doctors.

People will be able to make a video call to the doctor and ask any private questions. Also, one can send the MRI, CT Scan, and other health issue reports to the doctors. The prime doctors can understand your health in detail.

Then they will provide you with the best suggestion and prescription for your health. So people don’t want to wait to meet the doctors for hours in the hospitals. It is wasting time, energy, and money.

In online doctor consulting, one can talk with the prime doctors at any time. And getting the best suggestion in an emergency is always safe and good at the right time to live a peaceful and healthy life.

Will be reliable:

The Second Opinion provides access to prime doctors who have more than ten years of experience and have done hundreds of surgeries. People can get the best advice from well-experienced doctors at best hospital in Madurai for any health problem.

Doctors can stop your major operations for diagnosis by seeing your report. And suggest for minor surgeries or give the best remedy for your health issue. They have all categories of doctors for your health problems. The type like Heart disease, Skin Care, Kidney, Diagnosis, Emergency care, Diabetes, and Metabolism, etc.