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Verified doctors

Only verified doctors with proven experience are allowed in the app.

100+ specialties

We have covered 100+ specialties to cover all age groups for consultation.


We adhere to the privacy policy and protect your data through strong encryption.


Best price in the industry with quality service to get your doctor consultation online.

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Dermatology Doctor's with proven experience in Skin and Hair Care.

Dentist specializes in treating teeth, gums and parts of the mouth.

Orthopedist focus on the treatment & prevention of skeletal deformities.

Speak to our Certified Psychiatrist for Stress and Depression.

Cardiologist Specialised in conditions of heart and blood vessels.

Pay for what you get

  • No monthly subscription

    There is no need to pay for a monthly subscription to avail consultation. Pay when you need.

  • No middleman

    We eliminate the extra layer of middleman in connecting the doctors and patients. No need to pay extra.

  • Easy to use

    Age no matters. Second opinion is easy to use for everyone who need recovery at the moment now.

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Users can easily register with a few mandatory fields and set to go live on video calls.

Carry your report wherever you go

Scan and upload documents in mobile

You can easily scan & save your medical reports in a single swipe. Show them to your doctors for the best diagnosis.

Schedule Doctors Appointments Online

The seamless user interface makes you stay engaged with our mobile app as long as you need are satisfied. Experience this now!

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Frequently asked questions

It gives direct access to verified doctors in your region for medical diagnosis. You can connect in video calls, chat with doctors to book your appointment without waiting.
Yes. The app is free in the play store. When you connect with doctors through video calls or messaging, you have to pay per consulting.
No. The app is available in English Language only. We plan to add more local languages soon.
Yes. Your medical documents are only shared with doctors. We have a strong privacy policy with proper encryption

App is available for free on Google Play & App Store