Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

Cardio thoracic is the field of medicine involved in surgical treatment of organs inside the thoracic cavity and vascular surgery specializes in the treatment of blood vessels that is the artery and the vein.
Cardio thoracic vascular surgeons specialize in surgery of the heart and lungs,chest, esophagus and major blood vessels of the body. Our cardiothoracic vascular surgeon(CTV’s) are expertise in diagnosing and treating health conditions related to heart, lungs and chest cavity.

CTV’s will only determine the need of surgery in the case followed by therapy treatments. Surgery can be done through different methodology based on the patient’s conditions. It includes Coronary artery bypass graft(CABG), arrhythmia surgery, endovascular aortic surgeries. The experts in cardio thoracic and vascular sugery will guide the patients on what treatment needs to be done after surgery, how the routine diet should be, and medication plan. That’s why finding the super specialist in cardio thoracic and vascular surgery seems to be a time-defining task for people.

We at, have certified  surgeons with us who have expertise in all related conditions to cardio thoracic region and the blood vessels connecting to the cardio thoracic cavity. You can consult cardio thoracic vascular surgeons online about the recommended surgery by cradiologist and ask alternative second opinions for better confidence in current treatment.


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Common Cardiovascular Diseases

Coronary artery disease
Coronary artery disease

The coronary artery supply blood , oxygen and nutrients to the heart and if they narrow they couldn’t supply enough oxygen rich blood to the heart . coronary artery bypass graft or CABG is the surgical procedure performed to treat coronary artery disease. It diverts the blood around narrowed artery or blocked artery to improve blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart.

Myocardial infraction (heart attack):
Myocardial infraction (heart attack):

This is a condition in which one or more muscles of the heart do not get enough oxygen. This happens when blood flow to the heart muscle is blocked. Doctors commonly use techniques to restore the blood flow to the part of the heart muscle damaged during heart attack. Surgery may be recommended in few cases.

Valvular Insufficiency
Valvular Insufficiency

This is also known as leaky valve. This is a condition in which the valve doesnot close completely and leads to backward flow across the valve and referred to as regurgitant flow. Valve disease causes the heart muscle to work harder to circulate the right amount of blood through the heart. Mitral valve regurgitation treatment improves heart function and reduces the signs and symptoms in future.

Senior Consultant Cardiologists

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Interventional Cardiology

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