Pediatric Cardiologist

Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric cardiology concerns all aspects of heart disease involving heart and its blood vessels in children, infants and adolescents. Only expertise can treat your child as cardiac and cardio vascular problems in children constantly are quite different from those seen in adults. We have pediatric cardiologist specialized training and experience in pediatric cardiology are most important as they treat both congenital ( from birth) and acquired heart problems. Fetal echocardiogram even detects the heart problems in womb.. If your child is suffering from any kind of problems like heart murmurs, chest pains and shivers, or frequently faint during physical activity, palpitations we suggest you consult our expert pediatric cardiologist. Our pediatric cardiologist Online provide consultation with care for children having problems with their cardiac system

Our pediatric cardiologist can understand the importance of the children’s healthy heart. Constant pediatric evaluation of your child is necessary as it helps them determine whether its normal or abnormal or intervention by a cardiologist is essential. Pediatric cardiologist can analyze and treat children, teens, and even babies with heart disease. They evaluates their medical history and gives an insight to the parents regarding heart disease and maintain heart health most essential for people with family history. Treatment are given for various disorders distressing the heart and blood vessels like congenital heart disease and arrhythmia. Hypertension, obesity and cholesterol is also suggested as risk factors that leads to cardiac and cardio vascular diseases in children. Second opinion pediatric cardiologist is the professional you need to consult for these symptoms.

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Second opinion provides you with online consultation services. We have covered numerous number of specialists online. We have verified with doctors that the platform is safe and secured which means all the personal information provided by you are kept confidentially. If you have some health issue you can get an appointment online and you can save the report in one swipe. Getting online pediatric cardiology consultation is extremely fast and also helps a person to easily discuss the concerns. We provide many kinds of service in the category based.

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Common Pediatric Cardiology Diseases

Congenital heart diseases CHD
Congenital heart diseases CHD

Congenital heart diseases include septal defect that is hole in the heart , atrioventricular canal defect, valve defects, Ebstein’s anomaly, single ventricle defects . Some CHD’s are not critical like kids with small atrial and ventricular septal defects may close up on their own as the infant grows.
Serious congenital heart defects can be noticed soon after birth or during first few months of birth. Pediatric cardiologist provides the advanced level of treatment for babies heart.Symptoms include pale grey or blue skin colour (cyanosis), rapid breathing, shortness of breath during feeding, breath holding spells (child involuntarily stops breathing and loses consciousness).
Less serious congenital heart defects does not exhibit any symptoms and cannot be diagnosed until later in childhood. Symptoms include shortness of breath,easily tiring, fainting during exercise, swelling in ankles, hands or feet. Your child's doctor can let you know if your child's symptoms are due to a heart defect or another medical condition or get a second opinion.

Genetic Conditions
Genetic Conditions

Children with genetic syndrome like down syndrome, marfan syndrome, turner syndrome may have cardiac issues and must get an second opinion from our expert pediatric cardiologist.


Arrhythmia is a condition in which there is disturbance in heart beat. Some arrhythmia like premature contractions are common and usually not serious. Others can be serious and needs treatment. To know more consult through pediatric cardiologist online.

Senior Consultant Cardiologists

Dr.r. Saravanan M.D.,D.M(Cardio)

F.N.B (Interventional cardiology)

Dr.Ramesh Ramachandran M.D.,D.M(Cardio)

Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Palanisamy M.D.,D.M(Cardio)

Interventional Cardiology


What is Pediatric Cardiology?

Pediatric Cardiology is the Medical Care of a children’s Heart conditions.

What does a pediatric cardiologist do at a consultation?

Through pediatric cardiologist online one can ask health queries to diagnose and treat children with heart problem and receive instant medical advice and second opinion

When to see a pediatric cardiologist?

If your children have chest pain, dizziness, or fainting and other heart issues time to see pediatric cardiologist online at Ask Second Opinion app.

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