Department of Nephrology

The department of nephrology is concerned with diagnostics and treatment of acute and chronic renal diseases and vascular hypertension. Causes for these diseases are e.g. infections, disorders of the immune system, congenital malformations and, to an increasing degree, metabolic disorders – diabetes mellitus, in particular.

Particularly, patients suffering from delayed consecutive syndromes of diabetes profit from our department’s close cooperation with other specialist departments of our hospital. For diagnostics and treatment,

we supply a broad spectrum of laboratories as well as the latest ultrasonography appliances, such as colour duplex ultrasonography and Doppler ultrasonography, x-ray, Computed tomography). If required, we can take ultrasound-guided specimens from the kidneys

Services and main focus:

  • Diagnostics and treatment of renal diseases and vascular hypertension as well as their consequence. Renal ultrasonography including duplex ultrasonography of the renal vessels, shunt duplex ultrasonography Percutaneous renal biopsy
  • Shunt surgery and implantation of catheters for dialysis, temporary and permanent (in cooperation with the department of vascular surgery)
  • Performance of all procedures for kidney substitution (HD – haemodialysis, HF – haemofiltration, continuing procedures – CAVH, CVVH, CVVDH, PD- Peritoneal dialysis in terms of CAPD, IPD and APD) aftercare after transplantations.

Senior Consultant Nephrologists

Dr.r. Saravanan M.D.,D.M(Cardio)

F.N.B (Interventional cardiology)

Dr.Ramesh Ramachandran M.D.,D.M(Cardio)

Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Palanisamy M.D.,D.M(Cardio)

Interventional Cardiology

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