Precautions you should to avoid deadly diseases

Prevention is better than cure. In recent days, Corona is the name that appears frequently in headlines and everyone is looking for preventive measures to stay safe. Diseases are an unavoidable part of life but there are many strategies to protect you. If you have any doubts and need to consult a doctor, then install the Second Opinion app and chat with doctors online.

Meanwhile, read the following healthy habits to prevent germs and infections from spreading.

Personal Hygiene

This includes how you care about your body. In addition to washing hands, you need to wash your face and foot as well. Brushing your teeth and bathing is also very important to keep yourself clean.

Personal hygiene will prevent you and people around you from getting sick. To wash your hands, scrub it for 20 to 30 seconds, under your nails, between your fingers and back of the hands. Wash your hair at least twice a week.

Environmental Sanitation

Germs live on surfaces. Clean it regularly with soap and water. The kitchen and restroom are the two places in our house where you find the majority of infections. So, daily proper cleaning of the basin and surfaces of a kitchen is necessary to avoid diseases. When it comes to restroom, good toilet hygiene should be maintained by both adults and children. Wet places like wash basins should keep clean as much as possible.

Stay at Home

If you are sick, avoid travel and stay at home. Because infections may spread from person to person and you might not be the reason for spreading the disease to anyone. If you are not sick, make sure that you travel with safety. If you are traveling abroad, contact your healthcare provider to ask your doubts. Book an appointment with a doctor in Second Opinion to consult in person via live video calls.

Eat Healthily

Daily habits play a vital role in fighting against infectious diseases. Clean your kitchen before and after the preparation of food. Prepare and handle food carefully. Wash your hands well before and after eating or preparing food. Follow healthy food habits to improve your immunity power. Don’t forget to wash fruit and vegetables. Keep the cooked food at a proper temperature. Refrigerate them if necessary. Consume food that is rich in Vitamin C that fights against diseases.

Regular Health Checkup

A generation ago, people visit doctors only if they are not feeling well. But nowadays, due to the increasing number of diseases, regular check-ups are required to find health issues at an earlier stage. Vaccinate properly to lower the risk of dangerous diseases.

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Take Proper Rest

Take a break, get some rest, and focus on your health. Sleep at least 6 hours a day. Try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day!

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth especially when you are sick! Follow these steps to stay healthy always!