Do Covid-19 Vaccines Affect Menstrual cycle?

Some females reported that after getting a second shot of the COVID vaccine, their menstruation cycle changed. Some experience light bleeding or no bleeding at all on their due dates while others experience heavy bleeding.

Recent studies say that definitively there is a true link between menstrual cycles and the vaccine. But menstrual cycles are changed only for some people. However, we do know hormones are really important in a menstrual cycle. That there is a role for the immune system in the uterus. If there are changes, perhaps due to a vaccine, maybe that would subtly affect the behaviour of the immune system in the uterus.

Stress affects the menstruation cycle

At the time of stress, your internal reproductive system will momentarily downregulate to prevent pregnancy and save energy. It may result in any changes in menstruation with vaccination.

Delayed periods or irregular flow are often associated with stress and anxiety. Could that be a reason? Stress is directly associated with women’s menstrual patterns. It has so much to do with female hormones, uneven cycle, pain during periods, mood swings, unnecessary fatigue, etc. Hence it’s not surprising if women are complaining about such experiences. Also, women are forced to manage household work and office work together. Many even may not get a helping hand at home. Hence, stress generated in such environments can massively affect a woman’s overall wellbeing including menstrual patterns” said by a senior consultant, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Never ignore the uneven menstrual cycle. If you are experiencing heavy bleeding, spotting, unnecessary fatigue, abnormal delay in period dates, consult a doctor and start the prescribed treatment without delay through online consultation.

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