Vaccination Doubts? Ask Tamil Doctors Online

Medical treatment is absolutely 100% safe for everyone. Many of us feared on the covid-19 side effects when getting vaccination. But we don’t see it as a life saving thing. If we were to stop using any vaccines or medication that may cause an adverse reaction in some people, we would not have anything.

Tens of millions throughout the world have now had the Covid vaccine, and the number of severe adverse reactions has been extremely low. It is in single figures per million.

Ask Doctor Online In Tamil

If you are residing in a TamilNadu, you may want to speak to the doctors who know Tamil. This second opinion app help you for this. One can ask any questions regarding their health issues. Also, they can ask doubts about the vaccination without any hesitation and 24/7 doctors available through video calls consulting.

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Doctors available in this app are Government approved doctors with many years of experience. Additionally, you can prepare yourself for covid-19 injection & clear your doubts from the home through calls with the specialists.

Observed Side Effects

Immediate effects after taking Covishield vaccination may vary from person to person. However, the common symptoms are headache, fatigue, muscle or joint pain, fever, chills, and nausea. For example, at present, few went together (group of 5 in the age bracket of 45 to 80) for taking the first dose of vaccine (Covishield). And they may not have any of the symptoms except hardness and pain at the site of administration.

Though many may have doubts about the immediate effects the following are the effects we observed after taking the first dose that has some side effects. The first day, after the administration of the vaccine dose, many were good with a little bit of fatigue. Few people had heavy fatigue and muscle pain on the second day.

If you don’t feel well, stay home. Even if you have mild symptoms like a headache and runny nose, stay in until you are better. It lets doctors focus on people who are more seriously ill. And it protects health care workers and people you might meet along the way. You might hear this called self-quarantine.

Try to stay in a separate room away from other people in your home. Use the separate bathroom if you can. And don’t waste your time by taking a tablet for the mild symptoms. Take necessary action like giving covid test and get the prime doctors advice through the video call consultation is the recommended one.