Common Neurology Problems That Occurs In Winter

The cold weather may affect nerve damage. “Neuropathy, like most chronic pain, often gets worse as temperatures drop. Blood flow slows in your outer extremities when your body is exposed to cold. The change in barometric pressure due to temperature drops and intensifies pressure on the nerves, which send pain signals to the brain”.

The change in barometric pressure is due to the temperature drop, which intensifies pressure on the nerves, which send pain signals to the brain. Your perception of pain will increase as the nerve signals slow down the pressure. Also, soft tissues become firmer and tighten in the colder weather, thus resulting in painful muscle spasms.

Basic precautions in cold weather conditions

Keep yourself covered: The joints and overall body should be protected with warm clothes so that the temperature around the joints does not decrease. The layering of clothes: Rather than wearing one thick wool cloth, multiple thin wool layering with warmers is more effective.

Heat packs: Keep the heat packs around and on the joints, which are extremely helpful to alleviate pain and relax muscles. However, the use of heat should be executed with caution, especially in patients with diabetes and other neuropathic conditions.

Take pain medications with extreme caution and always Consult your Orthopedic doctor in case of increasing pain and discomfort.

Take care of diet: One should follow a nutritionally rich diet with an ample amount of protein. It helps to keep you healthy and decrease body pain.

Be active: It is very tempting to remain at home in a cozy environment and do fewer winter activities. But on the contrary, be active bits of help in the movement of the joints and muscles will helps keeping them warm. If the outdoor weather is not conducive, activities at home and light exercises can be very helpful.

Even after following these precautions, if you have a nerve problem, then consult the neurologists. Through video calls, you can talk to the prime doctor and ask any number of questions to the specialist about your health condition. Get the prescription and remedies to follow from the doctor instantly in the Ask Second Opinion.