Best Doctor Consulting Apps In 2022

Due to the lock-down because of the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of the people have fear of going to hospitals. Even though you cannot visit a doctor’s clinic these times there are a variety of Online Doctor Consultation apps available on both iOS and Android phones. You can consult them for various issues. Some of these apps not only have the option to provide to your physical health but also let you consult certified mental health professionals if needed.

Have a look at these five applications which can assist you with an appointment with a doctor online:
  • Second Opinion : Available on both Android and iOS, Second Opinion is the No. 1 Online doctor consultation app. They provide online doctor consultation for Psychiatrists, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Dentistry, Orthopedics, and many other specialties. Each and every record of a patient we kept secure in encrypted formats. There is no one like a middle man you can directly connect with our expert doctors and can ask directly about your queries and problems. The Patient does not need to worry about carrying the old medical data, you can directly upload it on our app for your further consultation.
  • Practo : Let’s someone book an arrangement with a doctor online. The session with the doctor is often held over a voice call or chat. Practo contains free and paid consultations. All queries on the app will be answered, just in case a question goes unanswered then, the cash is refunded to the user.
  • Mfine : It connects the person with the doctor for a particular period of time. Each service on the app is payable. After consulting, you can have a free follow-up session if you have followed the procedures as per the instructions.
  • Tata Health : You can consult the doctors on the app through telephonic or through a chat. After the consultation, you can place the medicines and lab tests online. The application is available for both android and IOS devices.
  • DocOn : It helps the person to consult a doctor through video calls for an effective consultation. After your appointment has been fixed with the requested doctor they will reach you through the face to face video consultation and after consulting the prescriptions also will be provided digitally and you can maintain it in the application for future references.