14 Dec
  • The second opinion is the online doctor service consulting app Doctors directly connect to the patient through the mobile app. 
  • The second opinion admin will provide details for when the doctors are available. Simply saying the power of the internet connects patients around the globe with India’s best doctors. 
  • The second opinion is available at your fingertips. In all medical specialties, the second opinion offers consultation via video call through subscription. 
  • The user can easily upload the (MRI, CT, X-Ray, mammogram, ultrasound or nuclear medicine ) file, then the second opinion helps you to have the correct diagnosis faster and eliminating unwanted procedures and surgeries.
  • This online service is helpful to find out the health issue of the patients to understand the body conditions based to start the treatment of the patient. Online Service is used to profile not to replace the consultation.
  • Your information Secure and privacy to maintain the medical team of medicine.
  • 50% of the money saved on your bills compared to any other in-person consultation.
  • India is a home for specialist and well-qualified doctors of the medical fraternity. So, choose from a wide range of doctors list
  • Doctors can help you in video calls when you search for a  health issue from the comfort of your home. People can easily identify qualified physicians and get answers.
  • The doctor provides online health solutions for weight loss, a gain of weight, general treatment, nutrition practice, health advice, periodical reminders.
  • Second Opinion is used to take care of their health needs without much cost. The health solution is provided with pay as you so you need not recharge monthly to access the service. 
  • The second opinion uses comfort, privacy and gives the best possible treatment for you. So the patient finds it easy to approach the doctor.
  • The Second Opinion app is very popular and it delivers the best treatment options available in the online market. People trust the doctor then made the strongest relationships with them. Doctors spend their valuable time on each and every person.
  • The most important reason for the second opinion app is used to protect patient health.


App Download Links:

iOS – https://apple.co/2UtzjGj

Android –http://bit.ly/2x48XT9