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It is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and Prevention of different kinds of problems like Mental stress, depression, Bipolar Disorder, addiction etc. The Psychiatrist basically deals with mental health.

For the past one and half years we are all suffering various kinds of stress and mental health issues because of Covid-19. Each and every person's sleep cycle has changed, the habitat of eating has changed and many things have changed that leads to stress and mental illness. To prevent this the person who’s feeling there is a difference in their activities should definitely consult a Psychiatrist.

Common Mental Problems

  • Depression

    It is a common mental illness or a common mood swings that causes sadness, loss of interest and negative thoughts. It will decrease the working hours and you can’t concentrate on a particular task for a long time and in future it will lead to major problems and it can lead to sucide. Depression is different from regular mood swings, Our Expert Doctors on Second Opinion prescribe medication based on your symptoms. We replace negative thoughts with positive ones, whereas medication is needed in severe or major depression. Medication and Psychotherapy are treatments for Depression that are effective for most people.

  • OCD

    Obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD) is a mental illness that causes repeated unwanted thoughts and sensations or an urge to something over and over. OCD can be identified in many terms such as Checking things again and again for example the Gas is turned off or not?, Contamination fear of things that will be dirty, Symmetry and order. They need to do things a certain way. There is no permanent cure for it but our Expert Second Opinion Psychiatrist has various diagnoses and treatments to identify and give a solution to the patient in their unique way.

  • Schizophrenia

    It is a mental disorder that affects the person’s ability to think, act and feel. The person who is suffering from Schizophrenia will experience reality differently. It may cause Daydream, Illusion, Over thinking and change in behaviour. It impacts the activeness and productivity and you can’t focus like before you’re. The people who are suffering with Schizophrenia need to take advice from an expert Psychiatrist as soon as possible. If these things are found out at an early stage there can be more possibilities to cure it. The person who is under medication should follow the procedures for an indefinite period of time.

  • Anxiety Disorder

    It is also a mental disorder that is characterized by feelings, thoughts, depression, tension and restlessness. Anxiety that can cause any person at any age like School, Office and even also in relationships. The person who feels these kinds of symptoms should consult the expert Psychiatrist on Second Opinion App. They have three different kinds of tests to identify the Anxiety, Those are Psychological questions, Mental health and Physical tests. They diagnose and treat the patient accordingly.

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You can directly chat online or make a video call with our Expert Doctor’s on Second Opinion App anytime. They mostly prefer a Video Consultation to analyse the patient with different tests by questioning them.
People with distinct imagination struggled most with sensory hallucinations, Various OCD patients have experienced voices that shouted at them, spoke, or whispered.
Psychiatrist deals and prescribes the medicines and Psychologist approaches patients with therapeutic methods.
Yes, Counselling works for everyone and it helps to keep the mind calm and stable. And our Doctor’s on Second Opinion are Experts in it.

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