Pregnancy periods issue - doctor consulting online
27 Jan

Women’s common health problems are many. But most of them are fall under the problems like depression, periods, and the next important issue is pregnancy. Mental health is the general problem cause of period and other worse period problems. Recent studies say that anxiety disorder for women will have shorter menstrual cycles. According to the report, nearly a third of seven crore women users prefer online doctor consultation service.

Mental health, period, or pregnancy issues

Clinical depression or anxiety is clearly a condition that is risky for both mothers and their unborn children. Are you suffering from depression in the middle of your pregnancy? It is not ok.

Psychotherapy can help and even treat depression or anxiety during pregnancy. Both the mother’s and your baby’s health are important. You should get the help you need. Prolonged feelings of sadness or negativity, disturbances in sleep, lack of appetite, lack of concentration are some common symptoms of depression. These problems often get overlooked because families tend to see all these as normal. 

Women’s Hesitatation

Also, it will cause irregular periods, or they may be missed periods. At this time, women will feel shy to meet the physical doctor or talk to the doctor. For this reason, they will try to sort the issues themselves. But it leads to other severe problems for them. They can’t explain their pregnancy or period issues detailed manner to the doctor face to face. If they keep on hesitate to convey their problem while in pregnancy time, it may cause them serious troubles.

Doctor consultation online – Private

To overcome this, the Second Opinion app is a recommended choice for connecting patients to doctors privately. In this app, users can select the expert doctor from the list you want for their health problems. There won’t be anyone surrounding you. Women can freely explain their problems to specialists without any hesitation. Also, they can chat with the experts to get a better solution instantly.

Avoid travel in pandemic situation

If there is an emergency like pregnancy or other period problems, you don’t want to go to the hospital. It will be risky visiting the hospital, there will be more crowds, and you have to wait to meet the doctor for hours. So you may get the contagious disease from others. It is like you are risking your health. Instead, get e-doctors help to avoid getting infected.

Consult at emergency time

If you have any pain at pregnancy time, you can make video calls through the Second Opinion. The prime doctor will be available 24/7. And get the best suggestion and prescriptions from well-experienced doctors. 

Even if an emergency at night, you can talk to prime doctors and follow the remedies to cure your problems. Live a healthy life by using the best telemedicine app at any time and ask any questions to the doctors.