is world prepared for pandemic? how telemedicine apps can be helpful
16 Jan

This pandemic is new to the whole world people, and they were not aware of these problems. They encountered a hard time, and they did not know how to handle the situation. Many health organizations and doctors found that the vital factor in slow down the spreading of the virus. Social distancing is a wise choice for the people who have to reduce a person to person closed contact.

The telemedicine app has become a boon for people to meet the doctor for their health problems. Through these, the patients can talk to a prime doctor through online consultation. 

Benefits of using Online Doctor Consultation

  • One can avoid physical contact with the doctor. No need to waste your time waiting to meet the doctor for 3 – 4 hours in the large crowd. 
  • Can avoid traveling a long distance to the clinic. It will reduce the factor of getting virus infected from others.
  • The telemedicine app helps you not only save money, your time, and energy also. The patients can make video calls to prime doctors.
  • You can select the specialists as your own choice. But not like the hospital provides you the available doctor to attend you.
  • Can view the doctor’s details, like how many years of experience, etc.  
  • Due to telemedicine, people who even live in remote areas can have access to great healthcare facilities. That was unavailable to them before.
  • Also, one can send an MRI, CT scan, and other medical reports.
  • Can get the best suggestion and prescription online for your health problem.
  • Don’t cringe thinking that you will get virus-infected by the other person in the clinic. 
  • Through this, you can have a second opinion easily with experts before you go for surgery or any treatment.
  • Don’t want to waste your energy when you are sick.

In Madurai, the Devadoss multispeciality hospital has created a doctor consultation mobile app called Second Opinion.  In thatyou can get the Prime doctor’s consultation. More than 50+ specialists are available at 24/7 consultation.

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