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10 Apr

Women hesitate to ask some questions involving the biology of women. They think it’s making other people, mostly men, squeamish, as they seek what are the signs, symptoms of yeast infection, possible reasons for vaginal bleeding, problems. Women who get pregnancy in 40s should choose the right women’s clinic or get a medical second opinion online.

Symptoms of yeast infection & treatment

When vaginal discharge that is whitish-grey, clumpy, and at times watery is accompanied by swelling and itchiness. Chances are you have an infection. It is caused by an imbalance between the fungus Candida and the bacteria Lactobacillus, both naturally occurring in the vagina.

Possible reasons for vaginal bleeding

The presence of polyps or fibroids can cause vaginal bleeding between periods. Pregnant women can also experience bleeding, especially in the first trimester. Hormonal imbalance, usually experienced by teenagers or women approaching menopause, can also cause uterine bleeding.

Possible problems for pregnancy above 40s

Ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and gestational diabetes are some of the risks to a mother giving birth in her 40s. As for the baby, low weight and birth defects such as Down syndrome are possible problems. 

Choose the Right second opinion

Referrals from trusted sources such as family and close friends are a good starting point. Credentials such as medical board certifications are also helpful. The experience of the gynecologist and the quality of the clinic can give you more confidence throughout the experience and should also be considered.

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