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Who is Dentist? What do we do?

We are trained professionals who can take care of your Mouth and Teeth. A Dentist has a high responsibility to take care of your dental hygiene. A person should always have a regular dental check-up once in a six-month period of time. If you’re not taken care of your oral health that leads to several problems that can even cause mouth cancer.

A dentist diagnoses and treats the problems in our mouth, gums, and teeth. On a daily basis, we are consuming various varieties of foods and drinks sometimes that may cause problems to our teeth or the gums. We at the Second Opinion App provide Online Consultation with our Expert Dentists. You can take assistance whenever you need it and from wherever you’re.

Common Dental Problems

  • Extraction

    The Extraction is nothing but the removal of the tooth. This may occur very commonly when the tooth is affected, it can contain gum disorder or the milk teeth that do not fall on the particular time span the Extraction process takes place.

  • Root Canal

    The Removal of infections within the tooth and replacing with the artificial filling is called Root Canal. There are many different factors such as Toothache while consuming hot or cold foods, pain on gums during chewing, food junk that struck deeper in between the teeth's and change in colour. When you feel any of these symptoms we recommend you to consult with our expert Dentists online on Ask Second Opinion.

  • Braces & Clips

    It is caused by the lack of Pigment called Melanin in the skin. There are two types of vitiligo, They are Segmental and Non-segmental vitiligo. Common treatments include camouflage therapy, repigmentation therapy, light therapy and surgery. Counseling may also be recommended.

  • Dentures

    Dentures are a removable replacement for the missing teeths. There are two type of denture treatment one is when there is hole in a tooth or edge of the tooth is broken you can fill it by the method called partial dentures and when the whole tooth is broken the Complete Denture will take place.

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Frequently asked questions

You should visit a Dentist if you have toothache, Bleeding Gums, Swelling face, Dry mouth and Bad breath. These are the common symptoms that give a signal to you to make an appointment to your Dentist.
Yes, Sweets and Foods with acid can cause cavities by sticking in between our teeth's.
Yes, Chewing tobacco and smoking can cause oral cancer and Gum disease.
The braces should be worn over 20 to 23 months for an effective cause. In some cases if the problem is solved you no longer need braces.

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