Clinic like experience - Second opinion app
17 Feb

Everyone is stuck in a pandemic, face-to-face doctor consultations have become a problem for many. Some people fear contacting COVID-19 on hospital premises. Hence, online doctor consultations & second medical opinion provide so much more convenience with just a click away from getting a real-time consultation from a doctor. Consulting doctors online saves a lot of money and time.

What is online doctor consultation?

 Online doctor consultation allows the people to have direct chat with doctors while maintaining their privacy. Since many patients in critical situations do not choose face-to-face consultation, online consultation with doctors makes it easier.

It helps them reduce health care costs, provide better health care services, and improve their overall performance, income, and line-up.

Why consulting a doctor online getting popular?

Many people choose to consult online medical services after COVID-19. They feel that it is safer to go to a doctor online instead of visiting hospitals, especially for minor health problems that do not require immediate intervention.

These are people who are stressed and do not want to travel long distances to see their doctor. Therefore, they accept it as a viable solution.

Second medical opinion

Second medical opinion is nothing but asking medical advice from one or more doctors to ensure the right treatment is undergoing. It is generally happening in Europe countries and continue to expand in India too.

First of all, they are highly convenient and time-saving. It is a boon for those who have small children or sick elderly people in your family. Next, online consultations offer you the privacy you want with your doctor. You may ask them anything you have in mind without getting nervous about a third person’s presence.

Online consultations are more economical than manual visits to your doctor. Telemedicine apps provide you with access to experts and specialists sitting in other parts of the world. You can take advantage of good networking and find the best doctor or specialist to look over your reports.

You can get clinic like experience via second opinion app. It allows you to have video calls with doctors. Download the app here