06 Oct

There are various doctor consulting mobile apps in the online market. We have handpicked the best 5 apps to give you a clear understanding of how the doctor consulting apps are working. Do analyze and choose the app that works best for you.

  • Second opinion
  • Doctor Spring
  • 2nd.MD
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Partners healthcare


Second opinion:

  • The second opinion is one of the best doctor consulting app which is available in the Google play store and AppStore.
  • The second opinion app provides a fast and straightforward approach for doctors consulting one to one with technical support for 24 hours a day.
  • User ones create an account, submit a questionnaire, and schedule a call with the doctor. Board Certificates doctors are giving expert advice to the patient.
  • The most reliable Second opinion app is used to keep your medical data up to date and doctors find your disease by examining them and guide you through the app.
  • First, you select an available and best-certified doctor. Fill all data with Scan report also and the second opinion app sends it to the doctors and helps you to fix appointment time. so this app can be accessed at your fingertips.



Doctor Spring

  • Doctor Spring is one of the online healthcare initiatives. It is used for connecting global level doctors to connect with people. Doctors answer the medical queries, give opinions, second opinions and evidence-based recommendations on various health issues.
  •  The online consultation portal is used to the patient directly ask any queries to the doctor. The patient can check an ISO Certification for the doctor. Then forward to ask the question to the doctor.




  • 2nd.MD is one of the doctor consulting apps to use for anybody who needs doctor advice. It is a high performance, fast-paced environment app to use across India. It is empowered to fully care about patient healthcare.
  • 2nd.MD is an important role in this field and takes a medical decision. our team coordinating to collect all the patient details, maintaining the records, connect with your expectation doctor and sending notifications, then follow up the patient notes with in-network referrals.



Cleveland Clinic 

  • Cleveland Clinic is another alternative for doctors’ consultation online through a mobile app. This service can reduce medical costs for patients who are not affordable at high prices. It offers employees with complex medical diagnoses access to world-renowned Cleveland clinic physicians.
  • Patient source analysis and give some tips from the leading medical experts. and fully take care of the patient. It is the best health care services. now accepting the insurance providers.



Partners healthcare:

  • Partners health care is one of the finest doctor consulting apps that provide patients with to access physicians. It is a not for profit health care system fully care about patient care, research, teaching, and service provides to the community locally.



App Download Links:

iOS – https://apple.co/2UtzjGj

Android –http://bit.ly/2x48XT9